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First PREMIER Bank

A regional bank with a strong national reputation, First PREMIER is the 12th largest issuer of Mastercard and consistently ranked as one of the top-performing S-Corp banks by the American Banking Association.


First PREMIER Bank serves individuals, as well as businesses and organizations of every size, offering comprehensive services related to banking, financial, treasury, wealth and trusts. The company sought to soften its messaging, while still providing outstanding resources for website visitors. For First PREMIER Bank, branding is essential; the messaging required a redesign to connect high-tech with high-touch. Although there was an existing website in place, all designs and content needed to be rethought. The solution needed to integrate with existing vendor solutions, while making it easy for operators to maintain and manage the website, which also needed to be more responsive and engaging.

Project Goals

The design and branding blueprints for the Bank were critical to improving the company image and enforcing stronger customer engagement. Refining the content, navigation and user experience were all essential components. Mozaro worked with multiple agencies to create the designs, convert them to HTML, and ultimately, integrate the templates into the CMS. Mozaro’s takeaways included:
  • The timeline for implementation was extremely challenging.
  • Content was created after the designs were built.
  • Mozaro partnered with two other agencies as designs and HTML were volleyed back and forth.
  • Episerver's DXC was still evolving, so a lot of automation tasks were unavailable.
  • There were existing applications from the previous site that needed to be integrated into the solution.

The Details

Web Content Management System (WCMS)
The CMS for the previous site was also built on Episerver. The website, however, was hosted in an on-premise environment unable to take advantage of Episerver's Digital Experience Cloud (DXC). For this project we completely abandoned the "on-prem" model and built the entire project directly in the DXC. This had several advantages because we were able to combine the development environment into a DXC hosted integration environment and test our code in production. Once we were ready to start entering content we automated the push from the integration environment on to the prep environment and eventually into production (prod environment).

The Project/Team
Including Mozaro, the project team consisted of First PREMIER Bank's digital team, and our design partners Sigma Infosolutions and GotoMedia.  The design process had already been underway almost a year before Mozaro started the implementation phase.  Working with the designs, SigmaInfo created the HTML so that they could be implemented into the CMS.  In addition to site architecture, planning, integration of design and content, Mozaro and its developers also implemented Episerver FIND (an elastic search appliance) that also made use of several fundamental capabilities like powerslice to enhance the author's capabilities for isolating and locating content quickly and easily.
The architecture for the site consisted of three primary pillars including:

The Banking Pages (personal, business and corporate) provide informative details about the bank's complete line of checking, savings, loans mortgages, investing, wealth management, business services, asset management and industry specific banking options.

An "About Us" section that demonstrates the sites credibility while presenting the bank's current events, lates press releases and an easy way for the site visitor to learn about the bank's leadership and also find the right team for their banking needs including the best person to contact.

An extensive "Community Services" section provides information about how members of the bank participate in community services, efforts to support collegiate and scholastic activities, and outreach that are not just good for the community but provide an excellent way for the bank to promote brand extension.

Project Summary

The First PREMIER project consisted of a complete website redesign that included changes in content, upgrades of their existing content management system, improved search and improvements to their cloud hosting capabilities. Mozaro implemented designs for a total of 11 templates crossing several categories including personal banking, business and corporate banking, and community pages.

The project was completed in July 2018.

In 2021, Mozaro redesigned the About Us pages aligning the content with their new building and focused visions.

Mozaro provided ongoing support for the www.firstpremier.com site through 2021.