Accessible Partners Program

Your Design + Our Accessibility Expertise = An Inclusive Digital World
Mozaro’s Accessible Partners Program makes it easy to ensure the designs you present to your clients are accessible for all. We help you and your clients avoid costly redevelopment by addressing accessibility from the beginning.

Website Audit

Prior to submitting your design to the client, Mozaro will perform a full evaluation of selected web pages against WCAG standards by a Certified Trusted Web Tester, in conjunction with automated software testing, to provide a comprehensive report of compliance issues. The Accessibility Conformance Report (ACRT) can then be used by your designers and developers to address and correct any errors.

Assistive Technology Testing

Add assistive technology testing for additional accessibility insights. Mozaro contracts with Miles Access Skills Training to provide firsthand feedback on the user experience. The MAST testers are blind and utilize various AT platforms such as JAWS and Dragon NaturallySpeaking to test the functionality and flow of a website, allowing you to see firsthand what the experience is like for site visitors utilizing AT.
Department of Homeland Security Trusted Tester Certified Logo

Mozaro Accessibility Certifications

The Department of Homeland Security Office of Accessible Systems Technologies (OAST) issues a Trusted Tester Certification for individuals that have completed and passed the formal accessibility training course. The Mozaro team holds the following certifications:
  • Trusted Web Tester
  • Authoring Accessible PDF Documents
  • Authoring Accessible MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents
  • Procuring Section 508 Conformant Products
  • Accessible Project Management

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