About Us

We believe websites communicate the essence and intentions of companies. At Mozaro, we help companies thrive by capturing their commitments and translating them into the right tools and technology. We reliably deliver full-service web development and customer support so companies can utilize the tools we build to their full potential.

With the right tools, technology begins working for you, return on investment soars and companies can invest more resources into their employees and communities. Mozaro places an emphasis on empowering and investing in people and companies. We design websites for companies to broadcast their purpose and exceed their business goals.

Mozaro’s History

Mozaro is a woman-owned business focusing in the CMS space since 2016. Mozaro accelerates industry-known content management and digital commerce software companies by specializing in enterprise-level .NET content management systems including Episerver, Kentico, Sitecore and Sitefinity.

The Mozaro name encapsulates the rich history of technology and speaks to the all-encompassing nature of our approach. Mozilla contributed to the establishment of the internet as the first open source community. Our company has been innovating alongside these pioneers since the beginning, and we named our company out of respect for this technology titan. The “Moz” stands for technology while the “aro” in Mozaro refers to the way our company wraps services around our customers.

We collaborate with customers to establish clear project expectations and formulate effective means of meeting customer needs. Mozaro builds technology around businesses and provides support through and far beyond project completion. We will be around to help your business thrive.

Standard of Excellence

Mozaro adheres to the highest standard of ethical business conduct. We employ exceptional people in order to offer exemplary service and develop meaningful relationships with our customers. We embody excellence in the following ways:

  • By using a flexible time plan, we allow customers enrolled in our Webmaster Services to roll unused hours to the next month or borrow time from future months. This unique offering ensures project integrity and maximizes customer investment.

  • As a member of the Good Business Colorado Association, Mozaro supports equitable communities, a sustainable environment and a prosperous economy for all to flourish.

  • Mozaro is currently in the B Corp assessment process. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified performance in social and environmental impact, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. These businesses are purpose driven leaders committed to benefitting the global economy.