Webmaster Services

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Webmaster Services

Mozaro's Webmaster Services offer an extensive range of technologies and capabilities when you require them, offsetting the need for a costly team of in-house developers and designers.

  • Starts at $840.00 per month and is based on your level of need.
  • Your direct capabilities are limited to your employees' skills.
  • Employees would have to neglect other critical tasks for you to keep up with the pace of today's technology.

Bankable Hours

Bankable Hours

Rollover Hours
Available for all recurring plans.

  • Unused hours roll over automatically
  • Hours are bankable up to 40
  • Rollover hours must be used within 12 months.

Borrow Hours

Plan B and Plan C customers may also borrow hours from
next month without any penalties.

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  • Direct Billing Available
  • No credit card required
  • We can direct bill you each month if you prefer.

Plan A

  • 12-hours/month
  • Monthly Rollover Hours
  • Direct Billing Available

Plan B

  • 24-hours/month
  • Everything on Plan A
  • Borrow Hours

Plan C

  • 40-hours/month
  • Everything on Plans A&B
  • Expedited Planning


Typical Webmaster Services Activities

Mozaro's Webmaster Services are not limited to this list nor is it comprehensive.

  1. Overseeing and coordinating marketing efforts for website and/or email campaigns
  2. Manage website content changes and updates
  3. Content Updates
  4. Website performance management
  5. Application planning, development, deployment and management
  6. Search Engine Marketing (i.e. Google Adwords)
  7. Manage Social Media marketing
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Manage products on a commerce site
  10. Research database information to identify new sales targets
  11. Website development
  12. Code Tuning, Fixing and Monthly Maintenance
  13. .NET, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery
  14. Work with suppliers to ensure use of latest marketing tools
  15. Coordinate marketing campaigns with sales teams
  16. Support the marketing budget review
  17. Graphic Updates
  18. Monitor and report on customer satisfaction
  19. Mobile application development
  20. Graphics development

This list should provide our prospective customers with just some of the many ways in which Mozaro can support your online efforts.


Our Services

Mozaro is the culmination of over 20 years of experience

Website Design

Engineered experiences to stay connected through a world of touchpoints.

Solution Assembly

We take a strategic approach to digital transformation by considering all phases of your solution.

Webmaster Services

Website management without the need for a costly team of developers and designers.

Interactive Engagement

Engineered experiences to stay connected through a world of touchpoints.


Evolving beyond static content means measurable solutions that engage visitors and ultimately align with your goals.

Digital Tune-Up

Mozaro provides comprehensive site reports that helps with the critical need to maintain your website.